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Empoura is here to support you in your new business journey.

We’ve compiled an in-depth library of helpful guidance documents that cover many questions that may arise.

  • What kind of company can I establish?
    We set up LLC’s for Empoura clients. If your intent is to provide coaching or education, then an LLC is likely a good fit for your company. If you want to deliver hands on care, you should contact your state nursing board to see if they allow for an LLC, or if they require a PLLC to start your business. Of course, we are not CPA’s, so you may want to consult with your accountant if you have questions related to your specific situation.
  • How much does it cost?
    You can view our full fee schedule here.
  • Advantages of owning an LLC?
    Sheltering your personal assets from lawsuits that might arise from one’s business interests avoid having to pay both personal and corporate taxes on income (known as “double taxation”) in that a single member LLC income can flow down to their personal taxes avoiding corporate taxes. There is a form you must file along with your LLC, but you only have to file a personal return.
  • What are the advantages of a PLLC?
    Has the same advantages as an llc, the main difference is between a PLLC and LLC, is that the PLLC has some restrictions around who can be a member and the limitation of liability of the members themselves.
  • Does my state require nursing board approval prior to registering my LLC?
    Here is a list of all state by state entity requirments.
  • What are my state registration fees?
    MA $555 NH $107 NC $227 NE $229 NY* $235*County of $450 not covered** In NYC fee could be up to $2K OH $204 RI $166 MN $183 WI $165
  • What are nursing board rules and regulations by State?
  • Are business expenses tax deductible?
    Capital Expenses You must capitalize, rather than deduct, some costs. These costs are a part of your investment in your business and are called capital expenses. Capital expenses are considered assets in your business. In general, there are three types of costs you capitalize. 1) Business start-up costs - you can elect to deduct or amortize certain business start-up costs. 2)Business Assets 3) Improvements
  • IRS rules on tax deductions
  • What is included in the LLC set up process?
    Federal EIN Obtainment Businesses are required to have a Federal Tax ID. Also required to open a business bank account Compliance Kit Includes the tools needed to make keeping your company compliant with state-imposed rules and regulations easy. Compliance DVD This informational DVD guides you through the basic requirements imposed by the state after you form your business Copies of the following incorporation documents Articles of Incorporation Articles of Organization Business Certificate Registered Agent. (FREE for 1 Year) A legal requirement for handling state, tax & legal documents when operating a business State Filing Overnight Shipping of filing documents to the state
  • How does your website setup process work?
    Once you sign up for our service, you will receive a welcome email and questionnaire will be sent to you for completion When the questionnaire is returned, a client will be sent a link to schedule a consultation with the web designer to discuss basic design requests such as desired colors, template, fonts, images, etc. Our designers will then build the site for a client, then submit it to the client for review, while adding the client as a contributor to the site so that they can add their information; content, types of bookings available, images, etc. Our designer will also be available to assist with completing this for clients. Once the client acknowledges the completion of the site, the designer will purchase a domain and premium hosting plan through Wix and will publish the site online. The designer will also assist with any ongoing edits that the client would like to make to their site after it is published.
  • What is ecommerce?
    A platform that exists within your website that allows for you to run your business - Price your services - Manage appointments - Send an invoice - Accept payments - And Many More!
  • Benefits of ecommerce?
    Secure Online Payments Sales tax will need to be added manually to invoice Accept bookings online (unlimited) Booking on the GO with WIX mobile app Booking Analytics Track booking attendance SMS (text) Notifications Reduces “no show appointments” Multi calendar sync Sync staff calendars and hours of operation Recurring Payments & Plans Customer Accounts Online Credit Card Rates 2.9% + 30¢ Custom Domain Free Domain for 1 Year Remove Wix Ads Contributors Up to 3 Storage Space 20GB Video Hours: 5 $300 Ad Vouchers 24/7 Support Enables you to sell on Social Channel Enable you to Sell on Marketplaces
  • What is website hosting?
    A platform that enables your website you run and be available to anyone who wants to utilize or view your service offering.
  • Bank account benefits?
    Online No minimums / No Fees to establish FREE ATM in “Allpoint” network No minimum deposit No cash deposits No overdraft fees Checking /Savings/ Debit Card FREE ACH Send checks for free through Dashboard (Dashboard available on business bank platform) Deposit checks through ”Add Funds” on Dashboard Wires are $5 Domestic / $20 International Wire directly from “Send Money” on Dashboard Tracking/Managing payment dashboard
  • Data storage benefits?
    HIPAA Compliant Mobile Applications Mobile offline folder Two-Step Verification Unlimited Storage
  • Refund policy?
    If you do not “Create a Company” which is establishing a LLC, etc., and do not set-up your website, we will provide you with a FULL REFUND within 30 calendar days of your purchase. If you establish a company (establish your LLC) , but no website, we will REFUND $1,000 within 30 calendar days of your purchase.
  • Email marketing tips?
    Email new contacts within 24 hours. It's important to take advantage of the window of opportunity when your company or brand is at the top of your prospects' minds. You can really get a pulse of what future engagement will look like by what people do when you email then within 24 hours of their subscribing to your newsletter, signing up for an offer, and so on. Plus, it's a great opportunity for branding and setting expectations. Keep your emails concise. Everyone's busy and their inbox is already full. Why add to the problem with a longwinded email? People generally like short, concise emails better than long ones because concise emails have an obvious focus. Include one call-to-action button per email. A lot of your email recipients will scan your email without reading all the copy? That's why you want to have a clear call-to-action (CTA) button that's easy to spot for even the quickest of email scanners. Without a CTA button, you won't be calling on your recipients to take any action that actually benefits them -- and the growth of your business. You'll want to place your CTA in a location where it's easily visible and where it makes sense for someone to click on it. For example, you might put a CTA to download a free e-book in an email that describes new strategies for using your product. Hyperlink your emails' images. Your ultimate goal in email marketing is to get people to click through to a web page. One way to increase the clickthrough rate without littering the copy with links is to hyperlink the images in your email to the webpage that corresponds with the content of the image. Include noticeable text links. One way to make your emails more clickable? Place one or more of your clickable elements -- whether it's a CTA button, a text link, or a clickable image -- near the beginning of your email. Add social sharing buttons. Increasing the number of people who see your link will increase the number of people who click on it. So, be sure to extend the life of your email by adding social sharing button Add an email forwarding option. Another way to extend the clicks on your email beyond its shelf life is to prompt your audience to forward the offer. The folks at Litmus found that the most forwarded emails were 13X more likely than the typical email to include “Share With Your Network” calls-to-action. By including forward-to-a-friend (or social sharing links, as we discussed above), you put it in recipients' minds to share.
  • Scope of practice for nurse practitioners?
  • Malpractice benefits?
    Lower premium payments for $1MM coverage per incident No limitations around practice ratios? Allows for 100% Telehealth practice
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