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Fighting Burnout

Who doesn’t experience burnout from time to time? This includes feeling like you’re under pressure, overwhelmed, anxious or sometimes not feeling anything at all. That’s why we all need to be our own best friend, not an enemy. Use this advice to help when you feel burnt out.

If you are already there:

  • Set boundaries. Find enough will to say “no” if you know that something is too much for you. Stay polite, talk to your teammates and partners about the amount of your work.

  • Take time off. You can’t be productive when you run out of your inner resources. Investing in your rest time will bring you so many fresh ideas and power to keep going. You shouldn’t blame yourself, otherwise you’ll actually waste your time.

  • Take care of your physical health. This advice might seem too plain and it is often skipped. Nevertheless, neuro physicians claim that healthy nutrition, sports and 8-hour sleep noticeably increase capacity of human brain.

  • Find a hobby. The only purpose of it is to make you happy. Try to dedicate your leisure time to an occupation that might not bring you money, but at least will bring you joy without using your phone.

  • Talk to your friends and family. Emotional support from your loved ones is often the best healing of burnout. Don’t be shy to seem “weak” and ask for help. This is the true power.

How to prevent burnout:

  • Take breaks wisely. Your goal should be not to exhaust yourself and convert your energy into money. If you want patients to come to you, you need to have a lot of inner resources to share. That begins with your spare time.

  • Gain healthy habits. Helping your mind through physical health is always a huge step to success. Take care of your body before something goes wrong.

  • Divide your work into smaller pieces. Pulling an all-nighter before a deadline is formidably stressful. If you can part your tasks equally and do them regularly, you should.

  • Find some time to have fun. Spending your time doing activities you love that help destress, recharge and brings a positive attitude. Remember that you are a human being, not a robot.

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