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Do I Need an Office?

The short answer is no, maybe not.

Working remotely, even in healthcare, is rising at a very fast pace. Serving patients remotely is projected to increase by 395% over the next few years. That’s why more healthcare providers are considering Telehealth - the delivery of care and health-related services using remote technology such as live video conferencing, mobile health applications, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). These tools allow you to consult and monitor patients virtually.

Telehealth provides you with:

  • Safety

  • Convenience

  • Access to Care

  • Efficiency

  • Active Participation

  • Lower cost

But with all of those benefits you may face the following problems:

  • Technical issues – reliant on personal internet and equipment

  • Not being able to have immediate access to a patient’s records

  • Not every patient will be eligible to receive financial assistance

Considering all the pros and cons of Telehealth, it does take time to replace traditional care delivery methods. Although it might be possible to work full-time using Telehealth in the future, seeing your clients face-to-face is still the norm.

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