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5 Reasons Why You Should Be on Social Media

What would you prefer: to go to a nurse consultant, based on only a few articles about them, or to fix an appointment with a nurse, whose work and lifestyle is represented to you every day? Running an account on social media isn’t just for entertaining bloggers, you can use it to tell your own story and prove your reliability. Here’s a list of reasons why it’s a great idea.

Reason 1: Your potential patients are able get to know you before choosing a nurse consultant

Posting about your cases, professional habits, medical advice, patients’ feedback and other aspects of your job gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. In that case, your future patients are able to see your real experience and may choose you because of your social media.

Reason 2: As a healthcare worker, you can demonstrate your personal features

It is vital for many people to find a specialist who can provide them with emotional comfort, especially when talking about medical workers. Since there is no certificate to prove that you are a good person, you can do it yourself through your videos, your written thoughts and other people’s reviews.

Reason 3: You can keep your current patients engaged

Even one photo a day can remind your followers about your work. It will keep them thinking about you, but if you share some useful advice on healthcare, you will attract even more attention. That’s the way you maintain a relationship with your patients.

Reason 4: You can increase your audience and gain more patients

Considering the potential of Telehealth, it is becoming absolutely possible for nurses to work remotely. This means you can involve new customers from different regions. Although there might be people who follow you just because your posts are interesting to watch, some of them may eventually become your patients.

Reason 5: We can help you with that

There are resources online that can help you with the marketing plan, business setup, and much more. It might be time to start your own business. Empoura might be a good place to start.

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