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Education sessions to help you start your own business


Put Your Show on the Road with Laura Vonfrolio

As more nurses retire from the bedside, the need to share and pass on knowledge is in critical demand. Do you have a nurse super power - something that everyone seeks you out to help with? Do you find yourself teaching colleagues the best practices in wound care, critical care nursing, or new manager skills? If the answer is yes, then this is your opportunity to learn from one of the best in the country who has learned how to take her nursing skills, package them, and offer them to nurses to upskill their own career.


Join us for a seminar with Laura VonFrolio who is going to teach you how to pass on the skills and knowledge you have to other nurses looking to be more competent in their own skills. Laura has repeatedly packaged her years of nursing experience into courses for nurses, and wants to teach you how to do the same. Learn more about Laura Vonfrolio at Enhance your income by taking your show on the road - Register today!


Changing Course:  Your Transition to Nurse Consulting 

Are you thinking about switching from your current nursing role to becoming a nurse consultant? Are you thinking that you might be ready to some day in the future?  Then this webinar is for you. 


Join Stephanie Dremel for this educational webinar on making the transition from bedside nursing to independent consulting. Stephanie is a registered nurse, nurse leader, and consultant who created Next Steph Solutions LLC and has been a successful consultant since 2020.


This program is for nurses who are ready to leave their current role to venture into consulting, or for nurses who think they may want to do so in the future but are unsure of where to start or what steps to take now.  The webinar will provide nurses with steps and practical guidance for transitioning into nurse consulting including resource recommendations, business steps, and guidelines for success.

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How to Start an IV Hydration Business

Are you looking to think outside of your 12, 14, or 16-hour shift by starting something new? Join Veronica Southerland Owner of Flo Hydration & Wellness to learn how to start your own IV Hydration Business.


A tenured healthcare entrepreneur, Veronica (Vee) Southerland has dedicated her career to raising up the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs. Her mission is to empower and embolden healthcare professionals into fulfilling their professional calling of serving others as well as their personal desire to be financially independent and emotionally secure.


Overview of IV Hydration Workshop Series:

  • WEEK 1: What is IV Hydration and how does one start this business? 
    This week will lay the foundation for what each person needs to own an IV Hydration business. 

  • WEEK 2: What does one offer in an IV Hydration Business? 
    This week will go over how to conduct market research that shows you what shots and infusions you should offer.

  • WEEK 3: How does one promote your IV Hydration Business and what is a physician collaborator? 
    This week touches on different ways to market your business as well as the importance of a physicians network. 

  • WEEK 4: How does one show leadership within business ownership and beyond? 
    This is what makes the Vee Methodology sought after - her style of empathetic and realistic leadership. 


Open and Operate a CNA School

Ada Ezeama is an experienced nurse entrepreneur and executive, graduating from Yale University School of Nursing with her Masters Degree. Ada has built and scaled multiple independent businesses, but one of her greatest passions is training and educating those who want to become Certified Nursing Assistants.  Ada has run her own independent Certified Nursing School for years and is here to teach other nurses how they can own and operate their own CNA School to help increase the CNA workforce!


Overview of the Course:


  • Session 1: Set-Up & Regulatory Review (3 hrs) 

  • Session 2: Building A Curriculum (3 hrs)  

  • Session 3: Launching a School 


How to Create Passive Income: Digital Business 101

Dr. Chris Recinos is a nurse executive, entrepreneur, podcaster, author and speaker. She is the CEO and founder of Nurse Leader Network (a community that grows nurse leaders & entrepreneurs), and Tikidas (an online learning platform for nurses). She is also the creator of the mental health app for teens, Hello, Harmony. She has taught nurses how to become leaders and entrepreneurs for over a decade and is an advisor to companies in the health and tech space. Her former roles include Chief Nurse Executive for Kaiser Permanente, Deputy Nurse Executive for the Veterans Administration and a variety of leadership, academic, nurse practitioner and registered nurse roles. In her spare time, she can be found advocating for suicide prevention policies.

Overview of the Course:


  • Session 1: Digital Businesses-what it is and how to tell if it's right for me: Is a digital business model right for you

  • Session 2: Validating Your Idea.

  • Session 3: Growing Your Audience.

  • Session 4: Show time! In this session you will learn a proven launch strategy and be well on your way to making passive income (yassss-make that money while you sleep!). Learn about next steps and tips for scaling your business so that it can become a profitable side gig or replace your income.


Starting a Nurse Staffing Agency

Join Karen O'Donnell for a series of educational webinars focused on Starting and Operating a Nurse Staffing Agency. Karen is a registered nurse, volunteer, entrepreneur, and business owner who created Caring Nurses Staffing Agency LLC, and has operated and grown her own staffing business successfully over the last decade.  She is joining Empoura to teach other nurses on how to launch their own successful staffing company, work for themselves and keep practicing nursing, but on their own terms! Come join us to learn from one of the most successful independently owned nurse staffing companies in the United States, who is paying it forward to help other nurses create their own companies! 


During the three sessions you will learn how to start your business, build your website, create employment contracts, and market your business.  In addition to the course, you will join an exclusive nursing community of nurse entrepreneurs for networking, support, engagement and continuing education as you build your company in The Nurses Station by Empoura.  

Overview of the Course:


  • Session 1: Starting and Operating a Nurse Staffing Agency 101 

  • Session 2: Corporate Structure, Operations, Strategy and Financing a Staffing Company 

  • Session 3: Launching, Scaling & Sustainability for a Staffing Company

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